Hackproof Website Development

What is Hackproof website?

A Website that cannot be hackable or cannot be changeable/modifiable from an unauthorized person is called Hackproof website. If a website that fully secured and developed with security in concern and developed without any security loopwholes, that can be a good hackproof or non-hackable website.

How we Develop Hackproof websites?

In our hackproof website development process we use our unique website security procedures. Our website development team is located in Dubai, UAE, where technology is well developed. We are developing CMS based websites with bulletproof security. We use the latest version of WordPress and in-house created themes from scratch. We never use templates which has vulnerable and we use our own security plugins to provide bulletproof and hackproof websites.

Our website development team is trained by ethical hackers, in order to create codings with ultra level security and unhackable codings. Our in-house plugins work like autoresponse for hacking and brute-force attacks.

Is it possible to develop a hackproof website in a week?

Why not it’s impossible? It is possible to develop a hackproof website in a week of time. Our Dubai Website Development team is having 25+ developers in action. Once we start the project, that will be delivering in the mentioned delivery date. Because we use professional project handling techniques to handle projects. Our team is specialized to develop hackproof websites, as of now we have developed 100+ hackproof websites in Dubai, UAE and 450+ hackproof websites developed in all over India. When we need to develop a non-hackable website we need to follow below points.

  • Clean Codings
  • No Loopholes
  • No External Plugins
  • Not more than one Admin users
  • Documented Structure
  • Installing Secure plugins that created by us
  • Using High-Level Encryption to store in the database
  • Proper External links