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Yes, we do. We have fully managed hosting servers for our customer’s convenient  and easy to access. We will take care of updates, patches, firewall and upgrades as we need to make the user friendly with the Manged Dedicated Hosting.

Visit the Domain Registration page and search your domain what you want to register and when it says the domain is available to register then click “Add to Cart” button and proceed with the payment to register the domain in cheap price.

To Make URL Redirect you have to visit Hosters House cPanel. Then find “Redirects” under the domain title, click the “redirects” button and choose the redirection type(Permanent or Temporary) then choose the domain which you want to set the redirect and set the URL which you need to redirected to in “Redirects to” Box and click “add” button to finish the URL Redirect.

Its very simple, if you are register the domain with us, simply go the Client Area, go to the domains section and on the domains right side there will be a drop down which you want to change the nameservers and click that and select manage name servers and change the name servers from there. If your domain is not register with us then go to your domain control panel from your domain registrar and choose dns options and then click name server, finally change the name servers to and as first two name server columns.

To generate a new CSR you have to go the hosters house cPanel and go the “Security” section and click the “SSL/TLS” link and then you will get a new page. In there, you have to click “Generate, view, or delete SSL certificate signing requests” link and fill the all required details asked there and finally click “Generate” button then you will receive a CSR Code in the box.

Yes absolutely, Hosters House allow root access to the users for full access of the dedicated server, in un-managed dedicated server users have to manage the patches, updates and upgrades by themselves.

Hosters House allows set up the email forwarding for free. You can go to the Cpanel and navigate to “Email” tab and click “Forwarders”. On the forwarders page choose the domain which you need to forward and click “Add Forwarder” then enter the email id without domain in the new page and enter the forwarding email id on the “Forward to Email Address” box and click “Add Forwarder” to get all the emails forwarded to the chosen email id.

To transfer a domain to Hosters House you need to visit Domain Transfer page and enter the domain name which you need to transfer and copy paste the EPP/Authorization code from the existing domain registrar. To get EPP code you have to contact the current domain registrar. And the domain should be more than 60 days older.

When you buy a business or pro hosting plan with hosters house, our technical support will take care of migration of data from your existing active hosting account. You can simple sit and watch to get the super fast SSD Hosting.

Hosters House domain control panel by default set it to Automatic domain renewal option, so you no need to renew it manually but if you choose not to renew in the time of domain registration then you have to manually register the domain by visiting the Domain Panel

Hosters House provides lite domain security for free and pro security available based on payment. However our domain security will lock the domain instead of data stealing and unauthorized domain transfer and you will be double stronger while you hosting with Hosters House.

We always using Intel Xeon Processors for Powerfull web hosting speed. Our typical servers having Dual Intel Xeon Gold Processors with 256GB minimum ram and 64TB of Raid 50 SSD Drives running in 6GB per second. 

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